Help - Harassment



Q: How do I take a screenshot!!?

A: All you must do is have the game running and press Print Screen on your keyboard. Then go to:

Last Chaos: C:\AeriaGames\LastChaosUSA\ScreenShots
12-Sky: C:\AeriaGames\12Sky\G04_GSHOT

Q: How do I post a screenshot?

A: Please see:

Q: Why did I get hacked?

A: Your account can be hacked a number of ways.

  1. Visiting gold selling sites
  2. Visiting Hacking Forums/Websites
  3. Giving out account information to Guild Mates, Friends or Strangers
Q: Help I have been hacked by some nefarious never-do-wells what can I do?

A: If you feel that your account was hacked you must send a petition to Include:

  1. Account name
  2. Email Address
  3. A new Alternate Email Address
  4. Character Names

A gm will contact you via email about the status of your account.

Q: How do I report someone who is harassing me?

A: There are two ways to report someone. The first is to post on the report behavior forum for the said game.

Last Chaos | 12-Sky

Reporting on these forums is only the first step to reporting harassment though. You must be able to provide proof that you have been harassed. To do this you must have:

  • 1) Screenshots/Movie (Just having these however will not be grounds enough to get the person banned)

  • Or

  • 2) A game sage must see the event take place
  • 3) A game master must see the event take place.

Sending a ticket to: with the above information is enough to warrant an investigation.

Q: I think I saw a hacker, what should I do?

A: Contact with the person's name. (Remember that the players name must be exact, this includes numbers and capitalization.)

Q: There is a person in game who has a racist, vulgar or sexually explicit name, what should I do?

A: Take a screenshot and send it to We will either ban the person or change their name.