publicCreated 01/11/1060

This group is mainly if you're interested in joining. =) i hope everyone will have a great time here because the main reason why i made this group was so people can have fun here =) again hope yo...


publicCreated 02/21/1060

he ppl its skaterboy777 for people who love dragon ball z as much as i do please join. You can talk about anything you want but if you like anything please join the guild and help me out


publicCreated 05/21/1360

Cosplay Group


publicCreated 01/23/1460

We are trying to bring back the old pergnov! Join our army and we will lead to a change.


publicCreated 08/14/1259

Just a fan club of [GM]Obspho of Eden Eternal


publicCreated 11/27/1259

LucidDream, the guild in DKonline, open for anyone to drop in and join. Trying to keep you all together. With the Chinese New Year, and the other New Year approaching, I am sure you're all excited! Th...


publicCreated 12/04/0958

for any and all who love grandfantasia


publicCreated 12/09/0958

Ce groupe est destiné aux joueurs de Shaiya en français, Venez tous Je vous attends


publicCreated 01/31/1058

NeoRyuki can be defined as Neo which means new in Latin and Ryuki which originated from Kamen Rider Ryuki's name which means Dragon Knight is a lvl 11 clan of Megaten lasting for approximately 3 ...


publicCreated 08/14/1058



publicCreated 12/02/1058

Icentology: The appreciation and study of iceerules "Welcome to my delusional world, where its inhabitants know no limits, and are set with no boundary--the ultimate freedom... We will continue to dre...


publicCreated 12/20/1058

A group for members of the Synther, Smith, and SIer Union (SSSU).


publicCreated 04/17/1358

This is the Coalition Against Cyber Bullying. A group dedicated to the prevention and fight against cyber bullying.


publicCreated 04/06/1458

I love cats. but I can’t hug every cat. If you're a ailurophile.. this's the right place for ya♥♥♥


publicCreated 08/16/1257

Fanclub for GMExia, just because every GM has one these days.


publicCreated 03/01/1357

Nothing much to it, if you like anime this is the place for you. Feel free to say whatever you like, this is a new guild btw. you can always visit our chat site Ps. Please invite...


publicCreated 09/24/0957

Here To Help You On Last Chaos. How To Get To Quest,How To Level Up Your Pet,Form Party's,Most Important Get Your Skill Point Up And Locked.. Meaning You Need To Joining A Guild To Get You Exp Locked ...


publicCreated 09/27/0957

Talk about Games Online games meet and get codes to play Each other On the Nintendo Wii,Xbox360.Playstation 3 Talk about Games Compare them Vote on em. Pretty Much a Awsome Clan Just Be Cool and Don&#...


publicCreated 10/18/0957

welcome every one hope you enjoy the guild..if you play ts2(twelvesky2) tranq let me know:)....and if you play on the other server its all good:) well Hope you ppl like it here and yea:D


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Nangins and Fututre Nangins Join this group Talk about anything!Sky Clan Best In Twelve Sky!