publicCreated 07/11/1565

Soldierfront Pro Pub Group


publicCreated 10/06/0964

Shaiya! GUILD: --XtreMeZ.BR-- SERVER: Lailah


publicCreated 12/04/0964

for any and all who love grandfantasia


publicCreated 07/17/1064

Se você é brasileiro, joga Shaiya, então entra aqui *-*, vamos nos unir jogadores :} '


publicCreated 05/01/1164

WELCOME all X-Globe...


publicCreated 01/10/1063

we like Pokemon. Duhh. Everyone is welcome.


publicCreated 03/16/1163

for friends fans and stalkers of our kally we love you kally


publicCreated 09/09/1163

We are a group trying to keep linked jungle PvP alive.


publicCreated 05/20/1263

Anyone who plays Waren Story can join here for the fun. Everyone is Welcome. Story of twelve sky. Game should bring back memories.


publicCreated 04/04/1262

Hello one and all! Purpose of this group is to make it easier to stay in touch with and track everyone who play the shooter: AVA. Its also for dedicated and active players hence the title "AVA nerds...


publicCreated 08/09/1061

hey this is the Charm Family made by me and nick558. this is like a family reunion,and if u join ur part of the Charm Family. yes "Charm&qu...


publicCreated 04/17/1161

seja bem vindo ao clã enviado_para_matar (E_P_M)um clã com jogadores capacitados! quem leva a serio jogar special force e que não se preucupa com ranks mas sim com melhoras suas taticas a cada dia,...


publicCreated 01/07/1060

Diese Gruppe ist dazu endstanden Freude und Spaß am Spiel zuhaben wenn sich einer mit den anderen streitet dann wendet euch an einem Gruppenmitglied das euch am meisten kennt oder vertraut und erklä...


publicCreated 01/11/1060

This group is mainly if you're interested in joining. =) i hope everyone will have a great time here because the main reason why i made this group was so people can have fun here =) again hope yo...


publicCreated 02/21/1060

he ppl its skaterboy777 for people who love dragon ball z as much as i do please join. You can talk about anything you want but if you like anything please join the guild and help me out


publicCreated 04/17/1360

This is the Coalition Against Cyber Bullying. A group dedicated to the prevention and fight against cyber bullying.


publicCreated 11/27/1259

LucidDream, the guild in DKonline, open for anyone to drop in and join. Trying to keep you all together. With the Chinese New Year, and the other New Year approaching, I am sure you're all excited! Th...


publicCreated 01/23/1459

We are trying to bring back the old pergnov! Join our army and we will lead to a change.


publicCreated 04/05/1358

How Many Of You Are Disney Fans Out There???? Wow That's A lot. Come And Join This Group. You Will Have A Lot Of Fun And Remember The Great Memories Of Disney.~♥


publicCreated 09/23/0958

Legends-We are the ones that stand out from others, We are the strong, We are the Brave, We are The Legends of Aeria