publicCreated 09/16/0978

For all the Australians who use Aeria!


publicCreated 10/20/0978

Here, be funneeyyy, be cool, be nerdy, be gay, be straight. IT DOESN'T MATTER TO ME AS LONG AS YOU ARE NICE. :P


publicCreated 11/20/0978

Just a group for people of Sarrissa of LC :D


publicCreated 09/10/0976

A place where Saphirians can unite in peace and harmony. \o/


publicCreated 09/26/0976

Polish Players of 12Sky or 12Sky2 ***Polscy Gracze 12Sky lub 12Sky2... W końcu musimy mieć swój kącik ;P


publicCreated 03/03/1376

Hurro~ Welcome to EdenXeternal


publicCreated 11/11/0975

A collective of players hoping to form a PvP code of ethics for Shin Megami Tensei: IMAGINE Group Thread:


publicCreated 04/27/1275

I Created this Group because space its my home I aim to become a Space Hero I have my own space ship I have nano-robots I believe in nothing yet in something ,Mind and Space are infinite get lost in ...


publicCreated 08/04/0974 wolfteam clan WePwnHard is the best of the best in the Aeriawolf.....I won't think and my clan(NeverQuit) is the best of the best....thank you


publicCreated 09/26/0974

A group of people who express themselves through emotional words Example_ "As darkness lies burrying the light that still lies porely benith your heart you'll never know the pain you�...


publicCreated 04/20/1374

Soldiers, come here for updates on the game, such as recruiting teams, battle-ready scrims, current events, and most importantly in this age-- BETA INFORMATION!


publicCreated 09/29/0973

If you're completely random, or just want to have a little fun! This is the group for you! If you experience random overload, randa-phobia, or even death, contact your doctor, cause the guild rAn...


publicCreated 01/02/1073

Welcome to the group that is all about Aeria Games Forum Mafia! =D If you have been a player, or are currently a player in one of the Aeria Games Forum Mafia Games, this is the group for you! If you ...


publicCreated 09/11/0972

A group for fans of Lord of the Rings. Talk about the books/movies and anything else of that sort.


publicCreated 10/08/0972

For VOCALOID fans to meet and speak vocal! Don't like Miku, Rin, Len, or Luka but like Prima or Sonika? No problem! English voices too! VOCALOID site:


publicCreated 08/20/1172

Hi guys^^this group is for all The vampire diaries and other vampire movies/anime(such as twillight or vampire knight) or vampires themselves.everyone are welcome^^we can talk about everything here.i ...


publicCreated 06/14/1471

we are friends who enjoy talking to each other I want to have fun and I know you all do too join us and we can have fun together I enjoy hearing about what you enjoy (O'.')--O


publicCreated 07/02/1071

This is the place where players from GLHF in serv 1 and 2 unite! Strictly for GLHF members only. We all wish you Good Luck and Have Fun!


publicCreated 09/13/0970

Dies ist der Gruppenbereich des Clan Illunis. Unser Clan besteht schon seid Anfang der Deutschen CB von Megaten und ist immer noch aktiv dabei. Der Clan wurde von Rabenfeder gegründet, ich stelle zur...


publicCreated 12/08/0969