publicCreated 09/24/093

We will be a great team that will help each other :) Join in my team ,you will find good friends ,i am waiting you .......


publicCreated 09/24/091

Deadpool Wolf team Clan We Now Use Ventrilo P.M metalcalf if you have a mic


publicCreated 09/24/0957

Here To Help You On Last Chaos. How To Get To Quest,How To Level Up Your Pet,Form Party's,Most Important Get Your Skill Point Up And Locked.. Meaning You Need To Joining A Guild To Get You Exp Locked ...


publicCreated 09/24/0932

strong diabolic destuctive creative fast, everyone how join this guild are automatcaly brothers and sisters so we watch out for each other and treat others right so come and join we will be waiting%$$...


publicCreated 09/24/0917

any person can jouin if u wana be cool peple who like bleach naruto any other anime can join to any skaters can join people who are funny and people who are smart dosent mater just join lols XD


publicCreated 09/24/096

If you're here, you probably know us.


publicCreated 09/24/0921

A guild from hatzring. BloodBath


publicCreated 09/24/098

if your not gay join, if you hate hackers join, if you like music join, and....................if you like pizza than eat it


publicCreated 09/24/0931

For everyone who loves Amon Amarth, and Viking Themed Death metal.


publicCreated 09/24/095

for those who have ever lost a family member that they were very close to


publicCreated 09/24/097

GreenBeret clan on wt.


publicCreated 09/24/099

we are a group of friends yay! Only 1 rule if your going to be mean or talk down to other group members then this is not the group for you. Also we will help you on the games to the best of our abilit...


publicCreated 09/24/0939

this group is for people who love the tales series ^o^ if you don't know what the tales series is it's okay. i just want to spread the love for the game :3 all of them have very beautiful stories. ple...


publicCreated 09/24/0937

Welcome to the Hello-Kitty-Lover Group this is only for people who like Hello Kitty!If u dont like Hello Kitty PLZ do not join the group.And PLZ dont say BAD WORDS in this group!


publicCreated 09/25/0913

diese Gruppe ist für alle die SoP gedenken wollen. SoP war eine Gilde zusammengeführt durch Freunde, gehalten durch Vertrauen und zerbrochen an nichts... Mit dieser Gruppe will ich allen aus SoP di...


publicCreated 09/25/091

Feed our Insatiable Lust for lighty Blood


publicCreated 09/25/099


publicCreated 09/25/094

i love you guys


publicCreated 09/25/095

de tout se ki concerne shaiya


publicCreated 09/25/091

name says it all...