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Die Shaiya-DE Gilde FSKab18 heisst alle Gäste herzlich Willkommen, wir sind ein super chaotischer Haufen netter Leute und ich sachs ma gelinde Wir hamm scho was Druff XD Aurora, Dark ...


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for ppl who etheir love furry,, furry artwork,,or are furries......everyones welcome


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nao ligamos pra classes niveis nem nada viemos para viver cuidar de sir e criei esse grupo pq somos o que somos e sempre seremos


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MOWCLAN started in APRIL 2003, what to know more ? visit our website


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Group for asian people around the world or anyone who likes asian people can join the group or anyone can join. Well, main thing is that lets be friends. Join NOW! Ps: no offence xD


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fun but deadly


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Do you love Ouran High? Wanna meet more people who love it too? Well heres your chance to meet others who cant get enough of this Anime/Manga! Join today for group art projects, game events and just ...


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Nosso lema é nunca desistir não importa o quanto seja dificil a jornada de um Sistematico ! junte-se a nós e seja um Sistematico você tambem !


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This Group is for those who have posted pics on the "real life pic" thread and have laughed out loud cause of the comments that others have posted.... Join! Post! Enjoy!


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Вход токо прайду


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sao um grupo muito fixe e destemidos podem conseguir alcansar tudo do melhor que á


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Join To It Isend AP Come


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We love to be level 40+ :D lol


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UFP - Union Frente Progresista es la principal rama de los DK Dunkle Kaisers ahora que se a re-abierto la UFP se podra lograr muchos cambios que seguramente se veran mas adelante.. VIVA LA UFP VI...


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we are the kings loyal team who gona fight the darknes and gona defeat it once and for all..... and we maybe gona mets girls XD


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this clan is for the people whose fav. franchise is tenchi


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Hey everybody! I am currently trying to make a guild called Mystique on the Eden Eternal Emerald server. This will be a fun, helpful, adventurous guild. If you love to play Eden Eternal but don't...


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more metalic than hell and saten them selvs


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Group dedicated for the Crimsondragon guild group.