publicCreated 04/21/10133

Bienvenidos a Grand Fantasi Zafiro Grupo para fans de GrandFantasia LAT El nombre viene del nombre del prmer servidor de GFL. No sean timidos y participen.


publicCreated 06/02/13132

The Human race collapsed and 6 others prevailed. But there came a massive war that wiped most of them out. Only 7 Kingdoms stand: the Order, the Forest Dwellers, the Raiders, Hydril, the Miners, the...


publicCreated 05/16/10131

We are a family that plays and will support LastChaos Forever.


publicCreated 06/08/10131

ANIME FANS ONLY! but you cann be a manga fan also


publicCreated 02/15/11130

Have fun, PVP, make secs. Respect to you fellow PVPers regardless of thier Faction or race or Gender O.o. Most importantly, make sure you collect all the hot ladies to you inventory.


publicCreated 06/14/14129

we are friends who enjoy talking to each other I want to have fun and I know you all do too join us and we can have fun together I enjoy hearing about what you enjoy (O'.')--O


publicCreated 09/24/10129

Well What can I say my main purpose for this group is to help people and I`m hoping it`ll be a big group and this group is for all kinds of stuff like Anime , Manga , Games , Movies and also Music of ...


publicCreated 09/10/09127

For anyone who is tired of needing a translator for their own language. We support good grammar, however this group is not about being a perfect speller or knowing exactly how to word your sentences-...


publicCreated 04/23/12125

The Official Pony Group.


publicCreated 10/25/09123

Join if you like family guy


publicCreated 12/01/11122

We all Love DUBSTEP, This group is to share. Dubstep listeners who can add new sounds and talk to each other about the latest Dub tracks out there. We all know dub is the latest and best, so lets shar...


publicCreated 10/04/09121

Hey!! Wanna join tha GQs then join away!! ~ The GQs is for anime, music, manga, random, lovers and more!! We also have our own chat box of pure awesomeness! x] so join if ya wanna join! Or just want m...


publicCreated 11/03/12121

Because this game isn't just for males. It's also for females and females will play it. No matter how big or small the group is, females will still play this. Anyone is welcome but this group is main...


publicCreated 07/10/10119

A place for KINGDOM HEARTS! fans either your not a kingdom hearts fan your still welcome to join us


publicCreated 09/16/09117

We are Graphic Artist.. Look what i want to do here is join all the games graphic artist into one group..


publicCreated 09/16/11116

We Moved Bye BYE


publicCreated 09/29/09115

This group is dedicated to all fans of wolfteam xD


publicCreated 12/08/09114

Polish group for Shaiya players. - Polska grupa graczy w Shaiya.


publicCreated 09/27/13114

join this group or i'll turn u all into a mouse... =.=+


publicCreated 03/10/10112

This group is for everyone tht likes MW2