publicCreated 08/17/12171

Everyone who doesn't hack is welcome. There are 3 rules: 1. Do not share the password with ANYONE outside this group. The reason for this is because we want to keep a track of our members and if non...


publicCreated 08/12/12170

For all of you GM Mokona Fan members ♥


publicCreated 10/19/09167

((((Peace On Earth)))) This is a group for people who love anime or manga, love music, love to just hang around with some friends, and for people who have a dream about anything that they'll work...


publicCreated 02/16/11167

Onyx Servers Official Community Event Board, Operated by Select Onyx GS. The groups main focus is to give the players a 1 stop location to look up New/Up-Coming/Current and Group Exclusive Events.Grou...


publicCreated 08/13/13158

Like Vocaloid? Join this group! We post and share a bunch of Vocaloid songs for members to listen to. Anyone can join. Music on the page changes every week. Enjoy and have fun.Artist:Wowaka. Album:Unh...


publicCreated 09/28/09154

A group for people that like to ride their bike without stabilizers!


publicCreated 09/11/09153

This groups wants to be a meeting place for all Italians playing Shaiya on the Lailah server. Members of Italian guilds on Lailah, both light and dark, as well as their friends, are all welcome.


publicCreated 10/13/09151

This is a clan for Kawaiinesh peeps! =D If your kawaii join,if yo awsome still join! =3 ~Mimi (FA)


publicCreated 10/31/10150

The official dynasty warriors online Shu Faction Group!


publicCreated 04/15/14149

Join other artists just like you! Spread the creativity through all of AGE. Inside you can find events, resources, and tutorials. From photoshop to SAI to pen on paper, we accept all. Don't forget to...


publicCreated 02/02/11148

This is the operation central for the "Aeria Playlists" community project being done at - Here you can find information, updates, codes, downloads, and much more! If you love Music, this...


publicCreated 09/10/11143

(Talk about anything you want)


publicCreated 10/24/09140

bienevenidos :)


publicCreated 12/05/12138

"For every action, there's a reaction." ~Newton "There's no such thing as coincidence only the inevitable~" Yuko "In order to obtain something that's precious, you must give up something of equal valu...


publicCreated 02/21/13138

Welcome! Well hey there... this groups is for any manga or anime fans specially Fairy Tail so if you share our interest why don't join us XD


publicCreated 06/07/14138

Mag Pakarami tayo! Sali na kayo mga kaybigan! For our conversation is in heaven; from whence also we look for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ: Philippians 3:20


publicCreated 11/02/13137

♫♥♫♥ Experience the best anime experience in this -Anime_Daisuki- group! Join where the otakus (or not yet an otaku) can share and talk about their favorite anime shows, mangas, songs, artists...


publicCreated 04/21/10134

Bienvenidos a Grand Fantasi Zafiro Grupo para fans de GrandFantasia LAT El nombre viene del nombre del prmer servidor de GFL. No sean timidos y participen.


publicCreated 02/13/12133

Roleplaying Center


publicCreated 06/02/13133

The Human race collapsed and 6 others prevailed. But there came a massive war that wiped most of them out. Only 7 Kingdoms stand: the Order, the Forest Dwellers, the Raiders, Hydril, the Miners, the...