publicCreated 09/11/0913

A group for members of the Cariae guild The7thCircle. This circle houses the violent.


publicCreated 09/11/0915

Bienvenue dans le groupe officiel des [Arrancar].


publicCreated 09/11/0927

Grupo destinado ao corredores do Crew [BSL] no Project Torque e jogadores da [BSL] em outros jogos da Aeria Games.


publicCreated 09/12/098

Place for guild leaders and officers (Etain) to meet with us and others. . . you can also find us at:-


publicCreated 09/12/091082

This is the official group where you can find info and post discusions on things that are on your mind. Chat them up and have a fun time. We are mostly active and can answer any questions that you hav...


publicCreated 09/13/0920

i just wanted to try it out..who knows what to describe..heh heh


publicCreated 09/13/096

just a spot too share tips and havin fun


publicCreated 09/13/091

Un grup dedicat userilor romani de pe acest site:)


publicCreated 09/13/093

about: Alchemy server: both. why?: to request someone to make items/armors/weapons.


publicCreated 09/13/0970

Dies ist der Gruppenbereich des Clan Illunis. Unser Clan besteht schon seid Anfang der Deutschen CB von Megaten und ist immer noch aktiv dabei. Der Clan wurde von Rabenfeder gegründet, ich stelle zur...


publicCreated 09/13/097

Group for any Spellcasters of the Aliance Of Light on Gaia sever both Mages and priests


publicCreated 09/13/0993

If you spend more time in Shoutbox than you actually spend in game, this group is just for YOU!


publicCreated 09/13/0916

we have fun and learn and report what is happening if you are a GS look up this team


publicCreated 09/16/09117

We are Graphic Artist.. Look what i want to do here is join all the games graphic artist into one group..


publicCreated 09/16/0950

666 is made up of the best players with 3 common goals.... Make 666 the Best Guild in Shaiya, Kill Lighties (Stupid Lighties), and Have FUN.


publicCreated 09/16/0978

For all the Australians who use Aeria!


publicCreated 09/17/09108

if your a person whos just into the evil stuff or just a person who likes to be a soulreaper, Come Join The DarkReapers where everything is always ETERNAL!


publicCreated 09/19/096

This group is established by the Trusted Guild in Last Chaose Auzura server. This is not only for guildies so welcome, feel free to join please


publicCreated 09/21/0930

"When Legend dies, the dream ends; there is no more Greatness" Heya, we are a guild of fun loving, hard working and friendly shayians. If you see us throughout the land of Teos come say hi or ask que...


publicCreated 09/21/0981

This group is for musicians who want to share thier skills with the world, it doesnt matter what instrument you play, this group is for you! you dont even need to be a musician to join, Just show us y...