publicCreated 08/12/12269

Hello Soldiers, Welcome to SF Events group. In this group we'll be posting official events made by our GMs and/or GSs


publicCreated 03/11/13265

Role-playing/Zombie type. Normal physics apply. Trolling is off limits in this group. Respect your fellow members. Read the topic "getting started" before posting


publicCreated 02/11/11257

this is a group where POKEMON GEEKS come together and talk about nerdy pokemon stuff. like pokemon black and white and all of the older games too! also, this group can talk about pokemon manga and ani...


publicCreated 08/12/11253

Hello to all the people who like or love Square Enix games, including Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest and other fun stuff that you can enjoy. So come on, join, and lets have fun. Must have...


publicCreated 06/22/11245

hi every one hope you enjoy this group because it's all about kingdom hearts


publicCreated 11/17/09239

This is a group created for the purpose of supporting the herb. Together we can work toward the global legalization of our beloved herbs. Man created this herb to be smoked, and produced. Not to be bu...


publicCreated 09/29/12236

How does tactics not have a fanclub yet!?!?! Preposterous!!! I say, tactics is too awesome to not have a fanclub, so here it is, and if you're a member, you agree! Sig Image:


publicCreated 08/25/12235

Fans of Pokemon [like me] are welcomed! We express our pokemon feels and answer Pokemon related questions.We can actually play a Pokemon game, I'll update you soon about it. We'll have fun here. :3 Fe...


publicCreated 03/09/10227

Linked 20-30 PvP. Uniting all 4 servers for awesome, fun, balanced pvp. Feel free to post your thoughts and suggestions. Thank You.


publicCreated 09/27/10212

The time has come! DWO is not in closed beta!


publicCreated 10/06/12209

HI!!!! This is Paladin's Fanclub cause I guess he's cool and stuff. We are -drum roll- TEAM PALADIN! /random smileybee: dundundundundundundundun Sig Image:


publicCreated 10/12/10204

Dynasty Warriors Online Fan group. We are waiting for our beta invitation !


publicCreated 10/18/09203

Group for all fans of the cutest Asian babe ever: ♥ Nyrne ♥


publicCreated 09/11/09198

This is a group for fans of our first Facebook application: Poker Heroes


publicCreated 09/25/09198

Join the Shaiya Anti-Cheat movement, learn how to recognize hackers, share your experience, learn how to report cheaters!


publicCreated 06/26/14193

Welcome all, this is a new group for S4 league players since S4L has finally took a place on Aeria games, here we will have fun,help each other, enjoy our time. Mehh..Ritusko :)


publicCreated 01/05/12180

This is for members of the AVA ijji forums before ijji and Aeria merged.


publicCreated 12/11/13180

No matter what you do or where you are, as long as you're with your friends that is your guild. I want to make a guild "regardless of name" where the members are all friends, helping each other and ba...


publicCreated 09/10/09177

This group come in help of those who encountered problems regarding almost everything , from games issues to players who hacks and use the games bugs for their own advantage . So if u have any probl...


publicCreated 09/25/09174

come and join a lot ov things ur missing