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publicCreated 11/03/12123

Because this game isn't just for males. It's also for females and females will play it. No matter how big or small the group is, females will still play this. Anyone is welcome but this group is ma...


publicCreated 12/09/1222

Welcome back to DarkStalker! If we need to choose a faction, it will be "Free Knight." Our guild is usually not strict and kinda "feel free to do what you want?" Purpose of the guild: Play for fun. W...


publicCreated 12/09/1252

PM Yui, Hrund, Aleisheira or SugarJune to join in-game! ~ and PM me or Izzy to join the group. :D


publicCreated 01/20/1322

Группа сайта - (Вся информация на сайте...)


publicCreated 01/27/134

Scarlet Blade is in need of help, our last hope is Squad Zero we who are the last of our kind must protect our comrades to overcome the Free Knights who seeks only Chaos! Squad Zero is up to the task ...