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publicCreated 09/18/126

TekkenForce, Italian Clan (Online since 09/03/2004)"One Clan One Force, More Than A Legend, A Myth"


publicCreated 11/30/1210

DivineOrder Guild Visit us @ Http:// or our Aeriagames page @


publicCreated 01/10/1311

Guild [VampiriDiDione] Realm [Dione] DragonKnights Online DKO Rosa del Sangue Yes, we were supposed to be "Vampiri," but some twit stole that name (and I think I know who). So we're "VampiriDi...


publicCreated 01/23/131

Evet arkadaşlar bir çatı altında toplanırsak çok daha iyi olabilir, klan,ticaret,grup vb... olaylarda birbirimize yardımcı olabiliriz. En azından bile sayımızı öğreniriz.


publicCreated 03/21/132

This is an Aeria wide guild called Clairvoyance, we're recruiting members all the time, and are specifically looking for active, and loyal people to join. Currently, we are playing DKO.