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publicCreated 07/23/1214

Welcome to Sword Art Online!


publicCreated 11/19/12165

This group is dedicated to socialize and express their thoughts to the anime or manga that they love especially SAO. Feel free to talk to anyone of the members. Enjoy guys.


publicCreated 03/01/1356

Nothing much to it, if you like anime this is the place for you. Feel free to say whatever you like, this is a new guild btw. you can always visit our chat site Ps. Please in...


publicCreated 03/26/138

Group/Guild to SAO,ALO GGO fans, by fans


publicCreated 04/23/131

We are not Newbies. We are not Strong. We fight Unfairly. We know how to Survive. In this World. In any World. In any Game. For us, it is not a game. It is our Life. We are Beaters!