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publicCreated 11/07/0910

This is a place for GLBTQ... etc. gaymers can play, learn, meet friends and feel at home. Hopefully this will help make the games just that much more fun for you. ^_^


publicCreated 11/18/0992

This group is for talking about anime and making friends only!?!! NO FIGHTING PLEEZE!!!! 3-Strikes ur out ok!?!!


publicCreated 09/03/1039

A group for people who love zombies! I mean... who can't love those silly little brain eating maniacs?! :D Join whenever you feel like it. 8D


publicCreated 02/11/112

we are outcasts from different clans, hometowns, and villages. leave your emotions at home cause i dont want to see them on the battle field. we are the strongs people you will ever meet. always kill ...


publicCreated 05/10/113

Este clan es de Umblella corporation fue el que creo el virus T y G jugamos en modo horror T:Zombie normal pequeño G:Zombie mutante grande