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publicCreated 09/24/0933

Friendly guild for every game of Aeria.


publicCreated 12/14/0913

The Black Wolves main objective is to strengthen the bonds between players and it's members, under a strict code of conduct in which, respect, friendship & cooperation are being developed. One wil...


publicCreated 01/10/106

The Steel Wolves have observed how others fight and are tired of it. we fight with Honor and dignity. others have resorted to trickery, rule breaking and hacking. if you are tired of this please stand...


publicCreated 05/05/1013

We Are Wolf Assasins We Are Wolfs/Humen When We Are Humen We are Assasins When We Are Wolves We Are Smart,Sneky And Awesome


publicCreated 06/14/103

All those who be demons, enter freely. Speak your name, or perish in the name of Hades...