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publicCreated 06/18/124

if thou beith a knight thou must be chivalrous in thy actions. thou mustn't falter towards societys faults and wrong doings, thou must act upon these and show thy invincible purity. thou must show to ...


publicCreated 06/22/124

alle sind willkommen


publicCreated 07/02/121

Where you can talk about everything and anything with wolfteam.


publicCreated 07/03/126

This Group Is Only For DURTYBIRDGANG Members. This Group Is Going To Be Used For: Daily Or Weekly Updates ,Dates For Clan Wars And What Clan We Are Facing. And Much More(When I or Someone Else Thi...


publicCreated 07/07/121

'The Freedom Games' was dieing out, with most freedom players quitting. With us almost near our end, we're hitting back harder and stronger, with most new players and even a new leader. This is the ...