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publicCreated 12/19/0910

We can take any game on Aeria Games with Swords and guns. Knives and Wings, Snipers and umm...... What ever else assassins use. . . . . . . . WE ROCK!!!


publicCreated 12/19/0922

This group is for all who play multiple Aeriagames&Entertainment games!


publicCreated 01/03/1013

If you are a big fan of wolfteam come here! My wolfteam ID is Zommer. This is in progress to become the strongest wolfteam group ever! Calling all wolfteamers! This is the group for you!!


publicCreated 01/10/109

~ BlackHeaven ~ <br /> <br /> The honor we have <br /> The pride we have <br /> <br /> <br /> Commander: G...


publicCreated 01/10/106

The Steel Wolves have observed how others fight and are tired of it. we fight with Honor and dignity. others have resorted to trickery, rule breaking and hacking. if you are tired of this please stand...