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publicCreated 10/06/0910

Good Afternoon everyone !!! Somos un grupo de amigos que busca pasarlo bien ^_^ uniros y divertiros XD


publicCreated 10/08/09130

Hedi leinnnnnnnn çekinme türk gurubu.


publicCreated 10/17/092

For all English People,this Clan is a German but English Gamer could be come German Members I were happy when you came to me. Also nu noch ma auf Deutsch...Ich würd mich freunen wenn ganz...


publicCreated 10/19/097

this clan is for every one but kiwis out there in particular GO NZ YEAH!


publicCreated 10/21/094

Groupe officiel des coldblooded forum a venir information de TS sur le clan page :)