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publicCreated 11/12/096

any tag


publicCreated 12/17/095

T3h Ub3r l33t Gr0uP f0r Ub3r l33t Pl4y3rZ lol


publicCreated 01/21/1012

I got the name From my aeria gamer name.any ways this is the Team for making new friends and just meeting people and talk about games.any game you like we will talk about in the Recon_Bombers


publicCreated 04/12/107

Come in and talk about your feelings about the war between light and dark andvoice how you think we could make peace light and dark allowed but no fighting and while in here be true to your heart.


publicCreated 04/25/101

We are teh ninga kittehz! An elite group of kittehz who mistake everyone for a cheezburger and eat dem!