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publicCreated 01/08/122

Group for the SoCute clan. Are you cute enough?


publicCreated 08/21/121

Moin Leute! Hier meine Gruppe. Das ist eher so ne Fun-Gruppe..... Viel Spass =)


publicCreated 11/30/1237

The top forumers of the A.V.A section of the Aeria Games forums, Ex-IJJI Forumers are welcome. We are all here because we love this game and want to see it thrive :D We are all a happy family, We A...


publicCreated 03/04/132

Be The Best Or Die Trying


publicCreated 05/05/131

Wolf-Pack Official "WOLF" Is a Profesional Clan that has been running on different games for 4 years. We are currently running on Battlefield 3 and our Raceing Branch WolfPackRaceing is Running on Nee...