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publicCreated 09/28/096

Official Aeria Games Group for the Twelve Sky2 Machinima Mini-web Series L.E.E.T. (Losing Every Effin Time).


publicCreated 12/22/0913

this is a group for gamers and the who wana join


publicCreated 02/25/101

We bomb's, DemonLuna = Gay. Pooley = Coolest Evah. Shmexy people dont get other's gear stolen from hackers. 8/ DAMN YOU LUNA! We Party Like a Rockstar, BOOM SWAGGA BOOM!


publicCreated 07/26/101

bla bla bla i dont think this is necessary but ... This group is for 12sky2 players :) And everyone else if they want :P


publicCreated 10/20/1011

if u are fujin for life join us