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publicCreated 09/09/09721

Place for players to come and more freely post more off topic matters, without fear of any GM or Mod meddling with your post and moving it away! In game discussions are not off limits as well, so fee...


publicCreated 01/04/103

Essa Guilda e a guilda dos verdadeiros guerreiros do Twelve Sky junte-se conosco e seja um da organizaçao e tambem guilda DETONADORES


publicCreated 09/03/1039

A group for people who love zombies! I mean... who can't love those silly little brain eating maniacs?! :D Join whenever you feel like it. 8D


publicCreated 12/02/1058

Icentology: The appreciation and study of iceerules "Welcome to my delusional world, where its inhabitants know no limits, and are set with no boundary--the ultimate freedom... We will continue to dr...


publicCreated 03/27/117

"Game Guide Group" We are not GameSages or something like that. We just want to help You, dear Players! We've hope we will have great experience with that game! Greetings! Seraphio: IGN: Ia...