Groups tagged 'trolls'


publicCreated 05/07/104

A group for all the online trolls in the Aeria Games forums as well as the games themselves.


publicCreated 06/20/103

we be trollin yo ass on chan 2


publicCreated 03/02/1133

Welcome to Forum Trolls. It is a Support/Unity Group for the forum trolls of Last Chaos, and possibly more. The first step is admitting it. Just kidding. But -- I think it's important for forum t...


publicCreated 05/13/122

A group for the Homestucks of Aeria games to come and chat.


publicCreated 10/20/121

A group for the cult that is homestuck. Just talking about characters, cosplay, shipping, hussie, and everything else. And also meeting more people who like homestuck.