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publicCreated 10/04/09121

Hey!! Wanna join tha GQs then join away!! ~ The GQs is for anime, music, manga, random, lovers and more!! We also have our own chat box of pure awesomeness! x] so join if ya wanna join! Or just want m...


publicCreated 10/20/098

Die gilde TheDarkFighters


publicCreated 11/07/0910

TheFoodClub is a team that loves food! We will have recipes, fun stuff, and delicious activities about.. FOOD! Please make your stay.


publicCreated 11/21/0914

A group of Dutchmen with the motto: "Don't drink and drive, Smoke and fly!"


publicCreated 12/04/095

PiStory was the best game aeriagames ever had to offer. no, the best MMORPG ever. Nostalgics are welcome