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publicCreated 06/27/1135

Um clã onde só há guerreiros <object width="320" height="25"><embed src="//;hl=pt_BR&amp;autoplay=1" type=...


publicCreated 06/29/111

We're a group/clan/guild/team, whichever you want to refer to it as. We mostly going to consist of people who know each other in real life and can contact each other. One things for certain, we are an...


publicCreated 06/29/113

This guild is about honnor and trust. Im this guid u must be kind to all of the memmbers and not be rude, if some 1 needs help with somthing help them, if u have a promblem come to me ok. ...


publicCreated 07/14/118

We Beliebers


publicCreated 08/02/114

Realm of the Titans clan, Australia, New Zealand and S.E.A Basically need you to be in our timezone, so we can actually play lol. Competitive, serious business!