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publicCreated 04/19/112

Your Game God is: CrystalFox /WolfTeam/ Hier kommen nur die Rein, die sich nach den CrystalWarFox regeln halten, sprich: Fair Game, No Hack, No Camp, Have a Nice Play (;


publicCreated 05/10/114

Team of Aeria Creative Division~ Graphic, Stories, anything Creative Apply now all you need to do is pm MrDrizzle some of your work or be invited ;). We work together to help each other get bette...


publicCreated 05/29/114

Meute P4r4n0y4k de Wolfteam Fr


publicCreated 06/05/113

This group is for everyone to join! It's for chat and might keep up with the News!


publicCreated 06/21/112

lets get eseay for them to destroy