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publicCreated 09/02/117

The war is the sport of kings Never surrender soldires


publicCreated 09/04/114

this is an clan for only dutch people cause this is a very new clan public acces;) i'v got simple rules and if you think you can handle this and can bring the Dutch name high this is you clan;)


publicCreated 09/15/112

Only for who wants than this world be yours, this world is yours


publicCreated 09/19/111

Ici, au Clan de la Team-No-Future (qui veut dire "équipe sans avenir") est un clan confidentiel (qui n'est donc pas ouvert a tous) et qui n'autorise que les membres qui s'opposent aux guerriers de la...


publicCreated 10/04/111

Bog_Frog. Always looking for friends, to help and be helped. Grind, Quest, Dungeon, and Raid.