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publicCreated 11/26/092

mon équipe personnel, nous acceptons de rendre des services en échange d'un quelconque objet de valeur ou argent, a part cela notre passe-temps est de nous battre contre des ennemis les plus fo...


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We are for Sylar or his rainbow sprinkles. Because Mr. Muggles doesn't eat just anyone's shoelaces. Because someone needs to carry on their victims names (to fool other people). Because S...


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Don't you just hate it when you have the riot shield and you are distracting the enemy, but your teammate is just standing there playing with his dick? Or any other situation where your teammates were...


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Clan fun avec un objectif ENORME : l'amusement ! Alors biensur une peut de réglement : pas de campeur (sauf Sniper),eviter le lag,... Bon amusement !!