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publicCreated 09/30/091192

If you have an overwhelming love for anime and manga, then this is the group for you! Here, we can make new friends and talk about favored anime movies, video games, shows, and ect. ^^ Team-Anime, let...


publicCreated 12/06/096

this is a place where you all have fun


publicCreated 03/23/112

Makin Friends,Fun,Talk,Anime,Manga


publicCreated 07/22/113

Hey this is my group all about Pokemon and Manga. =l=" I couldnt think of anything else, but hey... you can roleplay chat in this group I guess.. idk.. Im new here XD


publicCreated 07/22/112

This group is for those chatting roleplayers! If you click my username (The creators, duh!) then click MANGA_AND_POKEMON group, in the discussions topic is a fill out form for if you are going to role...