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publicCreated 11/18/0992

This group is for talking about anime and making friends only!?!! NO FIGHTING PLEEZE!!!! 3-Strikes ur out ok!?!!


publicCreated 11/24/0919



publicCreated 12/27/0924

Here at this clan we only do as infinity to were your Greatest dreams spend into yourself everyday to keep you whole in the world...for now, so we shall fill that future void in your soul, which is in...


publicCreated 01/06/1039

Hey!! This is a group for Shin Megami Tensei : Imagine Online. People that like to play this game. Join if you want to >:D. Talk about what your level is and how much stronger you are then others! ...


publicCreated 10/05/1041

This group is all about Pokemon (and other anime and manga) Just try to have fun and dont be too mean X3