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publicCreated 04/12/104

Das Shaiya DE Team in einer Gruppe.


publicCreated 12/12/10277

This is a group for those in the LGBT Community here at the Aeria Community, or friends thereof, that play MMO games. ^_^ It's nice to know that you're not alone out here in the virtual world, and tha...


publicCreated 06/13/113

A group for healers and those who love support to join and be a part of. Clerics of the world unite under this banner!


publicCreated 08/03/112

Support-Technique , Contributeur


publicCreated 09/10/1315

This group is for those who want to help with gaming/other support and for those who need help. Anyone is welcome and you can post and chat freely. Please no rude speech or trash talking. We want to h...