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publicCreated 09/10/094474

This group is for all european ones and their friends. People around the world can join this group. Be a part of it!


publicCreated 10/06/0910

Good Afternoon everyone !!! Somos un grupo de amigos que busca pasarlo bien ^_^ uniros y divertiros XD


publicCreated 11/03/0910

Guild hispana Maestros de las Sombras del Server Gaia Fury


publicCreated 01/21/1013

I got the name From my aeria gamer name.any ways this is the Team for making new friends and just meeting people and talk about games.any game you like we will talk about in the Recon_Bombers


publicCreated 01/22/108

Grupo en que todos los que hablan esañol y estan perdidos pueden encontrar la ayuda ^^!!! AeriaGames!!!! ^^ By: Neox