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publicCreated 10/26/0918

We are those your parents always warned you about.


publicCreated 11/29/094

There is no point of this then to lurk on the shoutbox.


publicCreated 09/27/115

On se retrouve tous les soirs pour parler de tout et d'eden sur la shoutbox eden eternal fr. Les seules conditions requises sont une présence d'au moins 3j/semaine. Pour entrez dans le gr...


publicCreated 02/11/1344

Hello everyone~:D Welcome to DDT's infamous Secret SB(shoutbox) group!! This is for members who use the sb and can come here to chat:3. In this club will host: - Discussion - ArtContests - GamesNev...


publicCreated 09/27/13116

join this group or i'll turn u all into a mouse... =.=+