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publicCreated 09/15/121

Guild things n stuff


publicCreated 09/16/122

Welcome to the Gore Group Page! We are a Multi-gaming clan that plays Shaiya, DK Online, RaiderZ, WOT, and Swrc. If you want to join the group you must play one of the above games. PM RaveBreak to joi...


publicCreated 09/17/122

Somos amogos de guerra e irmãos de espada, somos uma sombra para nossos inimigos e a luz para nossos aliados.


publicCreated 09/18/1215

We are The 420 Clan From Lailah Feel The 420 High!!!!


publicCreated 09/21/121

This is for Transformers fans that, if given the choice, would side with the Decepticons, hence the name. Join if you are a true, loyal Decepticon warrior. :D