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publicCreated 09/13/0937

Gilde Götter des Zorns auf Aurora beim Bund des Zorns


publicCreated 09/16/0951

666 is made up of the best players with 3 common goals.... Make 666 the Best Guild in Shaiya, Kill Lighties (Stupid Lighties), and Have FUN.


publicCreated 09/23/0941

If at first you don't succeed, tryi it with out panties ^_~ Where a different guild thriving in server Gaia. We're always lookin for new members to join our group of wild people who live life f...


publicCreated 09/24/095

Friendly helpful and fun to be with p lvls and lots of openess in guild


publicCreated 09/24/0916

Mission: To help new comers in the world of Shaiya. To create a guild of friends that will defend the borderlands and fight the Union of Fury.