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publicCreated 10/18/0994

Be a Vampyre! Join me Its a BITE away It doesnt hurt, one bite, , , , , NO TWILIGHT LOVER PLZ You have to be Faithful to the team, so ask and maybe i will join you to my team. Emo Kids are we...


publicCreated 11/08/096

men and women alike are all welcome to be loud and proud about self pleasurization


publicCreated 11/26/0921

Join if you like hot emo guys THis band has Andy Sixx It Rocks


publicCreated 06/07/105

For all the sexy people out there, heres the group to be in! :P


publicCreated 06/24/1011

We're focused in 1-15 PvP but we are accepting anyone who enjoy to pvp. (1-15 PvP'ers must have nobles with decent orange stats.) We're all about fun! :) oh and WE SPEAK ENGLISH. Gui...