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publicCreated 06/19/107

a starting clan with people who just met


publicCreated 12/09/1222

Welcome back to DarkStalker! If we need to choose a faction, it will be "Free Knight." Our guild is usually not strict and kinda "feel free to do what you want?" Purpose of the guild: Play for fun. W...


publicCreated 02/01/133

Esta es la página del clan LasReinas de Scarlet Blade :D


publicCreated 02/08/1312

Home Of The Free Knights. Their Protector , Who Will Face Any Enemy In Battle If Needed. This Force Will Make Sure To Keep The Balance Between The Royal Guards & Free Knights.


publicCreated 02/11/1345

Hello everyone~:D Welcome to DDT's infamous Secret SB(shoutbox) group!! This is for members who use the sb and can come here to chat:3. In this club will host: - Discussion - ArtContests - GamesNev...