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publicCreated 09/10/0916

_SorelleDellaLuna_ (Italian for "SistersOftheMoon") are a Guild found on Katrissa, Vinicius, and Nereus. We are unofficially allied with ROSECRUCIAN of Katrissa, SweeTarts of Katrissa, PurpleTextHere...


publicCreated 12/10/0924

A group dedicated to roleplayers. All are welcome to join. All styles of role-playing are welcome here. Keep it clean! (No erotic roleplaying in public!)


publicCreated 09/16/112072

-Welcome to the RoleplayingAnime aka RPA the Largest long lasting rp group on Aeria. This Group is run by the Council which hold the highest rank we. a short intro to the RPA world or worlds there a...


publicCreated 01/28/123

This is a clan. This clan is mostly a RPG clan called "Uchico". We will be a great clan so join in and you'll be able to get lots of help in the all the games on this site. :D ~We shall not fall, B...


publicCreated 02/05/121

This group/guild is associated with the Being-Human group/guild.What this group is, is helping each-other out in the game and in anything else. It is also a group to talk about anime, about your likes...