Groups tagged 'role play'


publicCreated 11/14/102

I really like role playing and meeting new people so feel free to jin this group!


publicCreated 02/05/112

A friendly guild looking for avid players in any Aeria Games Product. RP setting can be made for various Role Playing scenarios. Mini factions are allowed in those Rps as well. However base rules are ...


publicCreated 05/28/112

people can get to know one another. have fun, laugh at jokes and role play :)


publicCreated 07/05/111

This group is for the loyal fans of the amazing RPG video game series; The Elder Scrolls by Bethesda Softworks.


publicCreated 07/22/113

Hey this is my group all about Pokemon and Manga. =l=" I couldnt think of anything else, but hey... you can roleplay chat in this group I guess.. idk.. Im new here XD