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publicCreated 09/26/091413

YO YO YO! WE ARE AWSOME! and you shall join because this group's awsomness will make you join :). we are a cool/chill group with random discussions. GIGGITY


publicCreated 10/25/0945

Join if you like music


publicCreated 11/08/09307

if you love Naruto and all things anime and videogaming then this is the group for you! really random? so am i! this is a great place to meet new Naruto fans or other hyperactive people! role playing...


publicCreated 03/13/103

For the most random of hearts.. :p


publicCreated 07/23/103119

hey so this is a fun anime group were you talk about anything you want ^^. meet friends,role play,anime,song's,dance's,or just be random.there is no limit's for what you can do well apa...