Groups tagged 'random'


publicCreated 09/17/112

Noob Tube, youtube, The place for newbies to come if you have problems with the game and need help.


publicCreated 01/31/121

A chill with your peeps kind of group. Anyone can join, and for some of you special ones can come and get random.Feel free to get as crazy as you like,just don't get too profane on me.Three strikes an...


publicCreated 04/19/126

wolfteam,wolfteam,wolfteam!!! nothing else needs to be said :)


publicCreated 05/11/128

Hello everyone! This is just a random group with random people who do random things... We have random discussions and we're here to just have fun!


publicCreated 08/23/126

This is a group for all the people that get bored or just feel like having any type of chat's you want so join me in the fight against boredom!