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publicCreated 06/26/112

We will do Epik and Random stuff


publicCreated 07/09/114

Come Here If You Are A Music Lover, Whether You're A Rock,Country,Jazz, Or Any Other Music Genre Fan, You Are Welcomed Here. As For The Mushroom Part, I Have No Idea What That's About. :D


publicCreated 07/13/113

This is for EpiX only! But anyone can be an EpiX!!Do whatever!! IDC. Rules: No porno or cursing!! Stay Epic!!


publicCreated 08/11/112

this guild is epicness


publicCreated 08/29/113

For all OMG members and Friend Love you all made by Semper.Fi :) Guild Leader Mr.Banana . Officers ICutey , Reives , Ozzana(Huyn) omgitsChris , sillybebe, Semper.FI and last but not least...