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publicCreated 12/26/098

hey our group is about people who love all kinds of music well talk about our music interest or just chat on whats new


publicCreated 03/03/103

Hi all, we are the guild RandomProS, a only Grand Fantasia guild! We are a social and fun clan but we doing instances, guild meetings, helping other members! Rules : No spam Do u want to join...


publicCreated 03/13/103

For the most random of hearts.. :p


publicCreated 03/14/109

Ok so it's Nate. This group is for anyone who creates or appreciates randomness. I mean don't get me wrong, i'm all for being normal but......just not here. This is a place where you ca...


publicCreated 05/30/105

This is Group is for people who plays "Shin Megami Tensei" a lot, and who likes/loves to help people--especially Newbies. That and their incredibly strange in their own way, that and they c...