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publicCreated 09/26/0925

We Fight For Ourselves And Ourselves Only


publicCreated 09/29/09110

for those who love anime and being random and stuff x3 this is tha club for you!!! want more friends or popularity? pssh i got you covered x] ~


publicCreated 09/29/0981

Like anime and random stuff and more? This is tha club for you!!!! This clan/club is for random anime lovers or just coolio random people!!! This clan does a lot of random stuff every few days and wil...


publicCreated 10/03/096

Do you want to lift your spirit up now you can. If you like randomness or fun this is the place for you!!


publicCreated 10/04/09121

Hey!! Wanna join tha GQs then join away!! ~ The GQs is for anime, music, manga, random, lovers and more!! We also have our own chat box of pure awesomeness! x] so join if ya wanna join! Or just want m...