Groups tagged 'pvp'


publicCreated 06/02/112

For Russian players.


publicCreated 06/17/113

Grupo perteneciente al Gremio Shinra, destinado a coordinar los eventos y para informacion a los miembros de Shinra.


publicCreated 08/02/114

Realm of the Titans clan, Australia, New Zealand and S.E.A Basically need you to be in our timezone, so we can actually play lol. Competitive, serious business!


publicCreated 08/15/1112

Die Shaiya-DE Gilde FSKab18 heisst alle Gäste herzlich Willkommen, wir sind ein super chaotischer Haufen netter Leute und ich sachs ma gelinde Wir hamm scho was Druff XD Aurora, Dark ...


publicCreated 08/29/113

For all OMG members and Friend Love you all made by Semper.Fi :) Guild Leader Mr.Banana . Officers ICutey , Reives , Ozzana(Huyn) omgitsChris , sillybebe, Semper.FI and last but not least...