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publicCreated 08/06/104

The General Group for all those out there who love to pvp. Who love to put their foot down, show their skill, and settle things in a manner which people should. By shutting their faces and letting the...


publicCreated 08/21/102

new guild coming to one day be alies to many and dominatrix to the light side of etain our modo is devide and dominate *wink wink* making many friends on the way.


publicCreated 08/30/105

looking for gold runs? want to find a group for these runs? then join us!!!! XD


publicCreated 09/27/10211

The time has come! DWO is not in closed beta!


publicCreated 10/14/107

Grupo para quem joga Shaiya PT e participa no PvP 1-15