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publicCreated 09/22/0965

This group is about art as you can see lol. We can all share our opinion on art. And we can also try to post ur pics if you want to. Im not really good at this description thing ^^


publicCreated 01/19/1020

Related to my best friends in Last Chaos. Made to share opinions and have some fun. Hope you enjoy it guys.


publicCreated 06/24/1010

get to know each other and take a part in making mmorpgs a more friendly and fun environment.


publicCreated 08/16/113

This Group is for those who have posted pics on the "real life pic" thread and have laughed out loud cause of the comments that others have posted.... Join! Post! Enjoy!


publicCreated 12/09/122

Nodoka Miyazaki fan club! (yay!) please join! chat, share pics and have fun!