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publicCreated 04/06/106

one day, someone will make a stand, someday someone will say; enough!, this day has come, join us, and show them what we want! The Return Of The Legend !!!


publicCreated 02/16/11167

Onyx Servers Official Community Event Board, Operated by Select Onyx GS. The groups main focus is to give the players a 1 stop location to look up New/Up-Coming/Current and Group Exclusive Events.Grou...


publicCreated 04/07/116

A group dedicated to Honor, Justice, AND FLAN!!! We will dominate your elitist guilds/clans while still having a good time and being quite the good sports about it :D


publicCreated 08/13/114

SilentPhoenix ist die deutsche Guilde in Dynasty Warriors Online. Unter meiner Leitung. Alle Mitglieder der Guilde werden hier zu finden sein. Die Guilde ist komplett deutschsprachig und alle Spieler ...


publicCreated 10/31/111

A place for Phoenix Guild Member for Discussion and announcement.