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publicCreated 03/12/1036

its a group about talking about your favorite SMT game & for megaten player also for friends


publicCreated 06/12/10994

Hello everyone. if you are a big fan of final fantasy,then this group is the place for you. So if you got something that you like about it or the characters, then join this group =) have fun in here,...


publicCreated 07/20/101

Lvl 20 Guild be continued


publicCreated 12/16/119

Just for gamers! :D (Alternative/extra clan for XgameprosX, so please join! I'm the same leader as on XgameprosX, but on another account. XgameprosX was hacked so join this one to make-up! Thanks.)


publicCreated 01/28/123

This is a clan. This clan is mostly a RPG clan called "Uchico". We will be a great clan so join in and you'll be able to get lots of help in the all the games on this site. :D ~We shall not fall, B...