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publicCreated 09/19/1020

This is the group page of the Kitsu Saga clan known as Asylum. Kitsu Saga will be coming out in closed beta October 1st so check it out! Also if you are not a member yet and would like to join just po...


publicCreated 12/15/102

VEN Organization is a non-profit team of people who desire to lay the foundations for a brand new genre of novel: Visual Epic Novels. The team's main goal is to do so within various multiplayer video ...


publicCreated 02/05/132

Everyone needs to get line chat you can get it on your phone or on a computer at this website: then you add either revina_lovecraft, Nerollix, or Warrior 1

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publicCreated 11/02/133

The Death_Angels is a guild of anime and game fans who unite to crush anything in our way.