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publicCreated 12/17/095

T3h Ub3r l33t Gr0uP f0r Ub3r l33t Pl4y3rZ lol


publicCreated 01/05/1011

Don't you just hate it when you have the riot shield and you are distracting the enemy, but your teammate is just standing there playing with his dick? Or any other situation where your teammates were...


publicCreated 01/30/1010

We a the ones the are like none other.....We walk the streets while no one else is around.....We walk to fight the darkness.....We will always win our battles.


publicCreated 02/07/102

Sagt der Nameeeee


publicCreated 03/04/108

Join the Undergroundnation, We're friendily,like to talk,and help eachother :) *all are welcome*